The Works of Max B. Skousen (1921-2002)
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Books by Max:

A Blessing Hitherto Unknown, Books I-IV:
Other Books by Max:
  • Four Levels of Transformation (original title, "Christianity and 'est' ")
  • How To Overcome The World
  • How To Pray and Stay Awake
  • Life's Word (original version)
  • Life's Word for Liahona Saints
  • Loving God With All Your Might
  • Scriptural Answers to my Dear Brother Cleon
  • Solving the Mormon Puzzle
  • The Aloe Vera Handbook
  • The Book of Mormon in Plain English
  • The Finite and Infinite Christ
  • The Hidden Key to Inner Peace
  • The Infinite Spirit
  • The Lost Key
  • The Temple Endowment (original 1971 edition)
  • (Introduction to) the Temple Endowment (revised)
  • Winner's Operating Manual
  • Winning Reflections


Other Writings by Max:


Audio Recordings by (or of) Max:

  • Discussion of Moroni 7 (Four sixty-minute tapes + fifth tape, "Thankful for All Things")  You can listen to any or all of these audio (mp3) files by clicking on each file or choosing its "Play" link -- or choose "Download" to save a copy to your own computer:
    (Thanks to Chris Allen for sharing his digital copies of the original tapes!)
  • How To Do An RFA


Video Recordings by (or of) Max:

  • [Anyone know of any? If so, please contact us...]


Other works that impressed Max (by other authors):

  • Bliss
  • Cosmic Consciousness by Raymond Bucke
  • How to Live the Victorious Life by "An Unknown Christian"
  • How To Pray (by a Baptist minister, 1905)
  • Methods of Attainment by Newton Riddell
  • Prayer Can Change Your Life by Dr. William R. Parker
  • Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers
  • The Impersonal Life
  • Understanding by Jane Nelsen
  • Werner Erhard: the transformation of a man: the founding of est by William Bartley
  • Ye Are Gods by Annalee Skarin